Patient Care Reports and Medical Command


TO: ALS, BLS and QRS services
RE: Patient Care Reports and Medical Command
FROM: Christopher J. Heile
DATE: November 7, 2006

Effective January 1, 2007, EMMCO West will be implementing some QI initiatives to help:

  1. Ensure that Medical Command Physicians are filling out medical command forms for all case where medical command is sought
  2. Monitor the flow of trauma patients for consistency with the trauma destination protocol

It is essential that several portions of the PCR be completed appropriately. If they are, that should cover most of the service’s part of the QI process.

We need to make sure that the medical command section of the PCR is filled out consistently. This is the only mechanism we have to verify that Medical Command Forms are being completed by physicians. EMMCO West is going to verify that the number of medical command forms completed by the hospitals match the number of times medical command is marked on the PCRs.

Here are some general guidelines for filling out the form, followed by some examples: General guidelines

Here are the different scenarios we have in the field:

Notes: If you are a BLS service in a county that has separate "ALS and BLS patches", and you are requesting medical command, request an ALS patch. The Command Facility ID should only be marked if you are marking Cell, Radio, or Phone. When functioning under protocol, leave the section blank because we have medical command authorization from a physician, not a facility.

Communications difficulty is a field in some software programs that is not captured by the state dataset. You may continue to use this field as long as some other field is filled out in accordance with the above guidelines.

The second project involves the designation of trauma patients. EMMCO West is going to use the research code to classify the trauma patients. Please mark the research code as follows:

0001 – Category 1 trauma patient
0002 – Category 2 trauma patient
0003 – Category 3 trauma patient
0004 – Patient that is extremely and critically ill or injured and requires transport to the closest receiving facility due to TRAUMA
0005 – Patient who is DOA due to TRAUMA

I have contacted the software vendors and this should not be a difficult transition:

QuickTrip for the Internet users will find the field available in the application shortly. QuickTrip users can replace a file called research.txt with an updated file. I can e-mail the file to services. It needs copied into the folder where QuickTrip is installed (generally quickt99). The values will then be available in the program. RAM Software users may enter the value into the software (0002 for example)Med-Media will be making this available for their users. EMS Charts may have this available before you receive this letter.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. QuickTrip users can e-mail me at to get the replacement research.txt file.

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