Continuing Education

Con-Ed Courses

Practitioners should go to the EMS EPortal to:

  • View your con-ed credit online
  • Search for upcoming con-ed classes
  • Search for certification classes
  • Enter you con-ed endorsement

Practitioners needing online continuing education click on the Centre Learn Icon.

Con-ed Sponsors and Training Centers go to the EMS Portal to:

  • Enter your new course applications online
  • Register Con-Ed Classes online (Con-ed Sponsors Only)
  • Register Certification Classes online (Training Institutes Only)


For Registered courses in the EMMCO West Region, click here to view the calendar.


New Con-ed Hours For Act 37

The following hours went into effect April 10, 2014.  These new hour requirements affect EMS providers for their next certification period following their current registration period.  For example, an EMT expires 10/1/2014.  Their EMS recertification is based on the existing con-ed requirements.  The EMT is recertified for another 3 years and has a new expiration date of 10/1/17.  To be recertified, the EMT would need to meet the con-ed criteria list below in the chart.

The recertification con-ed for both EMS providers and EMSVO (EMS Vehicle Operator) registrations are listed below-

The "Core" Continuing Education Category will be defined in the PA Bulletin by the PA Department of Health. Core con-ed is defined as clinical patient care or specific core con-ed courses identified by the Department.

Note- EMS provider registration is separate from EMSVO.  To maintain registration in both their EMS provider and EMSVO the continuing education requirement for both must be maintained.


What CPR Classes Are Valid?

This is a frequently asked question by prehospital providers. The following courses meet the requirements, as recognized by the PA Department of Health:

Basic Life Support - CPR - Programs Updated July 2015



Learning Management System

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Click here for LMS/CentreLearn

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Practitioner Instructions


Practitioner wishing reciprocity need to contact the EMMCO West office at 814-337-5380 and ask for the reciprocity packet to be sent to you.


Also any expired PA practitioner wishing to re-instate their certification may do the same, call 814-337-5380 and request a re-instatement packet.