EMMCO West Regional Statistics & Data

As of 4/2015

Certificated Practitioners:

336 First Responders-Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)
2,157 EMTs
694 Paramedics certified, 315 Medical Command Authorization
132 PHRN (Prehospital Registered Nurse)
26 HP (Health Care Physicians) 

Licensed/Recognized Agencies:(As of 7/2014)

19 ALS Services 121 ALS Ambulances/Squads
25 BLS Services 36 BLS Ambulances
57 QRS Services 72 QRS Vehicles
4 VRSR (Vol. Rescue Service Recognition)  2 VRSR Swiftwater
5 Air Ambulance Services 7 Air Ambulances

PCR Data:


2012 Patient Care Reports (PCR)
118,545 2013 Projected  

EMMCO West Annual Report

EMMCO West, Inc. has released its comprehensive annual report for the previous fiscal year. EMMCO West's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. The reports for previous years can be downloaded from the side bar to the right.